DIY Resin Backlit Cherry MX Switches OEM R4 Handmade Keycaps | Type 18


  • 1pc to customize;
  • Translucent
  • 13 days delivery;
  • Quality option;
  • Handmade Keycaps
  • Transparent
  • OEM R4 height
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Free Shipping
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DIY Resin Backlit Cherry MX Switches OEM R4 Handmade Keycaps | Type 18

Notes Before Order:

  • Translucent
  • Premium quality resin
  • OEM R4  
  • Outstanding style
  • Master Handmade: each keycap has minor difference.
  • Fits mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches.
  • Delivery in 13 working days
  • Unique gift for friends who loves gaming

Customized Resin Backlit Cherry MX Switches Handmade Keycaps

Finish Products:



Other Optional Handmade Keycaps:

  • Translucent: Type 3/4/6/7/9/12
  • Glow at night: Type 3/6/7


Customized Resin Backlit Cherry MX Switches Handmade Keycaps | Type 1

About Smell:
The products are all customized and packaged directly without being ventilated. It’s normal to have some smell. Put it in a cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days after receiving the goods, the smell will disappear.

About Color Difference:

Pictures will produce color differences on different display devices, and since they are printed products, color differences are unavoidable. We will try our best to control the color difference without affecting the appearance. You can refer to the finished product picture to see the effect.

About Clarity:

The higher the pixels of the product images provided by the buyer, the better the effect. If the pixels are too low, we will notify the buyer.

About Shipping:

By default, we choose the best shipping express service and the timeliness is about 5-25 working days depending on the destination country and region. If you have timeliness requirements, you can choose commercial express delivery such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc., Transportation cost will be higher. International packages may involve destination tariffs. Please understand your country’s tariff policy before ordering.

About Delivery:

Before shipping, we will carefully check the finished product, use proper packaging, take photos and send them to buyers to avoid disputes. Customized products take time to make and we will ship them as soon as possible. If there are multiple products in an order, we usually wait until all the products are ready before sending them together. If you need to send them separately, please place separate orders because the freight calculation method is different.

About Customization:

Production will be arranged only after the design confirmed. The delivery date will be postponed if it takes more time to confirm the design.Customized products cannot be resold, and returns or exchanges are not supported. Before shipment, buyers will be photographed to confirm the finished product. If you use international large IP images, there is a risk of customs inspection and confiscation. Please avoid using them.

Refund Terms:
Customized products cannot be resold. Therefore:
1. A full refund can be made before the order is communicated and designed (the bank may deduct part of the handling fee)
2. Started to design but not been produced yet. Can refund shipping fee and 50% product price.
3. Started production but has not been shipped, shipping fee can be refunded.(Free shipping item has no refund)
4. The order has been shipped out, no refund

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DIY Resin Mechanical Backlit Cherry MX Switches OEM R4 Handmade Keycaps | Type 17DIY Resin Backlit Cherry MX Switches OEM R4 Handmade Keycaps | Type 18