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  • PUBG Skin Codes;
  • 24h*7d Online Deliver;
  • For Steam PC Only;
  • Region: Globle;
  • No returns. View our Refund & Return policy
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Instructions To Redeem PUBG Skin Esport Server A+B Codes: 

Do NOT redeem in PUBG game, please go to this link:https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey.After activating the code, you will get PUBG’s eSports server. Generally suitable for advanced players and professional players


1. Before purchasing, please be sure to check carefully the version (for PUBG steam PC), content, in game color, in game texture performance etc. Because it is a digital game product, once used, it will be permanently bound to your game account. Besides, the exposure of code will pose a security risk, it can not be sold again, so it’s not returnable.
2. Price for in game skins change often, it is not within the scope of the return service. For more information, please view our refund and return policy.
3. We do not sale any in game item to minors(age under 18).
4. Please redeem code within 24h.
5. If you have any objection to the above content, please don’t buy it.
PS: If you encounter any after-sales problems, Please contact your waiter on discord as soon as possible.

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