PUBG Skin Rondo Bundle (Not Codes)

  • PUBG Skin Not Code;
  • 24h*7d Online Deliver;
  • For Steam PC Only;
  • Region: Globle;
  • No returns. View our Refund & Return policy
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PUBG Rondo Bundle (Not Codes)

* Include: ARCHIVIST’ SCHEST*3 + CONTRABAND COUPON*100 + GOLDEN GOIN BOX(30 days) + Hi-top Trainers(Red) 30days+

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Bandana 30days+PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Trenchcoat 30days+Market Boardroom+Panda Gloves+Panda Hairband+
Snowflower+Your No.1 Pan

* Not code, send directly to your warehouse
* Need to send us your Krafton ID and password
* After we receive Krafton Info, it takes 1 minute to process
* One account can only obtain once
* Contact online waiters after pay to response fast.


Instruction To Redeem PUBG Skin Code: 

Log in PUBG game lobby > Store > Item > Add Bonus/Gift Code > Use Ctrl C +Ctrl V to copy and past the code

Re-start the lobby if you can not find the redeemed item in your warehouse.


1. Before purchasing, please be sure to check carefully the version, content etc. Because it is a digital product, once used, it will be permanently bound to your game account. Besides, the exposure of code will pose a security risk, it can not be sold again, so it’s not returnable.
2. Price for game related item change often, it is not within the scope of the return service. For more information, please view our Refund and Return policy , Knowledge Base, Comments.
3. We do not sale any in game item or game to minors(age under 18).
4. Please redeem code within 24h.
5. If you have any objection to the above content, please don’t buy it.
PS: Your online waiter is ready to serve you. Contact us as soon as possible if you encounter any after-sales problems

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